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anime discussion

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I figure people might get more interested in anime, if we discuss some of the anime that is out there, or that we are showing.

1) I've been noticing a trend that most anime out there, always has SOME true pervert, even if it's mainly young girls. I've been watching this one anime called 'Zettai Karen Children'. There's a ten year old that chases after the older women worst than the guys do. A pervert doctor actually takes notes from here. Inyuasha had the preist with the hole in his hand that wants to have children with ANY female over the age of 12. I'm not sure of what the rating for 'Kanokan' nor 'To Love Ru",but both of these,it's a good thing the guys in them can RUN! ;D

2) We've shown season 1 of 'Zero's familiar'. I found season two interesting and raising questions. In season 3, there's a slew load of questions that are springing out of the woodwork.

This is my two cents worth. Feel free to DISCUSS anything...anime. :D

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Post by J_walker_anonymous »

I beg to differ, yes in most animes there are a lot of perverts, but then again there are also a lot out there without perverts! Take pita-ten for example, its about a bunch of grade 6 kids, and the gardian angel, the closest thing to a pervert in the series is ten-chan who has a crush on Shia… he is short of being a pervert, more of a ladies man! Lol
Well if you wanna check out the series its Pita-Ten ぴたテン
The manga is much better, the anime is more of a cake anime and the voices drive me up the wall to listen too, they are too high pitched.

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