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AMV Awards

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I've got the list of AMV award winners and they're all quite good. Two of them are 30 minutes long EACH though :shock: . This means I won't be able to show those two at JAWS next week. I'll see about making them available for download or something.


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And the winners are:

# Best Action Video
Phenomenon (Open Your Soul) - Sierra Lorna (Laura Fremmerlid)

# Best Character Profile
# Best Comedy Video
# Best Fun Video
# Best Parody Video

Still Preoccupied with 1985 - suberunker (Kevin Chiou)

Best Dance Video
FMA - Always Hardcore - Nostromo_vx (Xavier's VAULT)

# Best First Video
Mustang and Hughes: The Friendship Test - GFBeach (David Beach)

# Best Instrumental Video
# Best Use of Visual Effects

Naruto's Technique Beat - .:Decoy:. (Ryno Eksteen)

# Best Lip-Synch Video
Quid Pro Quo - IcyCloud

# Best No-Effects Video
# Best Romantic Video

Waking Hour - Koopiskeva (Jay Naling)

# Best Trailer video
Living in Sin - requiett (Brett Pattison)

# Most Original Video
The Wizard of Ozaka - suberunker (Kevin Chiou) EricaOhayou (Kimberly Fung)

# Best Dramatic Video
# Best Sentimental Video
# Most Artistic Video
# Video of the Year

Jihaku - Tyler_yj (Yann J.)

# Creator of the Year
suberunker (Kevin Chiou)

# Most Helpful Member
Zarxrax (Alan Clontz)

# Most Improved Creator
Sierra Lorna (Laura Fremmerlid)

# Rookie of the Year
kisanzi (Matt Bottorff)

# Best Horror/Terror Video :shock: 30 minutes
Dead To The World (The Story Of The Antichrist) - Beowulf (Julian Milo)

# Best Multi-Editor Project :shock: Almost an hour
AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture - Zarxrax (Alan Clontz) AJip (John S.) Alpha_Hazard (Alex Chapin) Alternababe (Sabrina ) aluminumstudios (William Milberry) AMV_4000 (Matt Diehl - Addiction Music Videos) Ashyukun (Robert Babcock) badmartialarts (Raymond Rabke) bubblehead (Kathryn Alexander) Castor Troy (Ryan Molina) CHAMELEON_D_H (Noam Raby) Chaos Angel (Dave Warren) ChaosProjects (Brian Meekins) Coderjoe (Thad Ward) EBwiz (Adrian Sandoval) FallenPhoenix (Benjamin Rapp) FoxJones (Sami Juvala) FurryCurry (Ron M) gambitt (Jeff Heller) Garylisk (Gary Littlejohn) Geirr GFBeach (David Beach) greenjinjo (Jason "Greenjinjo") Haunter103 (Miles Klub) Hitori (James Scharmack) höna-pöna (Jacob Eriksson) J.Alana (J. Alana) Janzki (Jani Kauppila) Jebadia (James Llewellyn) Jesmaster (Jesse Menendez) KentaroPJJ (James ) kitsunebeolnet (Ken 'Oyaji in training' Smith) Kitsuner (Jonathan Nelson) Kusoyaro (Hsien Lee) mckeed (David McKeen) Mr Pilkington (Phil Conrad) NeoMikey (Mikey ) Pie Row Maniac (Kirk Fryrear) rassej (Rasmus Johansson) Rob Kenchu (Rob Kenchu) rogueintellectproductions (CP Fuller) RolltheStampede (Justin Rollins) Scintilla (Peter Tom-Wolverton)
SnhKnives (Lee Webster) spacekase (Kasey Davis) ssgwnbtd (Brian Moore) Tardo (Tardo just Tardo..) Tono_Fyr trythil Tseng808 (Anthony Askew) Tsunami Jones (Mark Reagan) VicBond007 (Victor Boruta) Voices_Of_Ryan (Jacob ) Yokou Seishirou You choose Sam,the rest (Danny Lu) ZephyrStar

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Post by Pellanor »

I have edited the above post to change the names into links to the appropriate video. I don't have all the video yet, but the ones I do have are up.

Also, since the Iron Chef video isn't on the list, I'll link to it here.

Please note that we don't have unlimited bandwidth. While we do have enough for all the JAWS members, we don't have enough for everybody. Please don't give out these links on forums, myspace, or anything else like that.

edit: All videos are now up, and actually have been for about a week now.

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