Looking for talented Jpop & Anime singers/vocalists

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Looking for talented Jpop & Anime singers/vocalists

Post by Irulanne »

Hello everyone !

My name is Kathleen, aka Irulanne.
I currently live in Northwest Calgary.
I have been singing Jpop (Japanese pop music) songs for over a decade and have been performing live at anime conventions and Japanese cultural events since 2006.
After several years of performances with the amateur group "Irulanne & Friends" in Montreal (which specialized in full-length jpop shows including complex choregraphies and musical numbers), I am ready to start again with a new cast in Calgary.

Here are some video and audio recordings of "Irulanne & Friends" :

My goal is not to recreate "Irulanne & Friends". This new group would be more of a choir or a vocal ensemble (with a professional flair), able to deliver high quality renditions of anime and jpop songs with top-notch vocals. The first year would be used to prepare a repertoire of songs, practicing, improving vocally to a semi-professional level and recording a mini-album demo in my home-studio - while building a strong online presence. Once the group is solid enough, live performances may be considered. This group should not be required to learn complex dance routines nor to memorize the lyrics for most of the songs.

The group doesn't have a name yet, it shall be decided amongst the members.

What I am looking for :

- 2 to 5 people (male or female)
- Living in Calgary, Alberta
- Minimum 18 years of age with access to their own transportation
- Preferrably experienced in singing jpop/anime songs
- Committed to at least 2 practices (at my place or else TBD) per month, during the week-end and year-round (aside from Holidays and Vacations)
- Vocally talented and committed to go through vocal training during practice and at home
- People who can leave their ego at home and work with and within a group, and under my supervision.
- Drama-free people with good attitude.
- People who are looking for new friends and having a good time singing ^^;

How to join ?

If you want to join, you must be able to say YES to all the conditions above, i.e. be 18+ with a means of transportation, possess above-average singing abilities and
be ready to do what it takes to improve, be able to commit to the two (2) mandatory practices per month (week-end) year-round, be able to practice at home, and be able to work with and within a group.

The first step is the Pre-AUDITIONS.
Please submit a recording of yourself on audio or video for at least 60 sec, singing in Japanese (w or wo lyrics).
If you record an audio sample, please encode it into mp3 and send it through email.
If you record a video sample, please upload it to youtube and forward me the link via email (the link will remain private).
Make sure you give your best shot with the best quality possible. What you record is what I will consider - if you have previous recordings or live performances, feel free to direct me to them in your pre-audition email but I need something fresh for each pre-audition.

In your email, don't forget to introduce yourself and make sure you understand the committment in joining this group.
Please, use proper english. I am not gonna waste my time with people who can't write better than a 6-year old kid.
If you don't get a response within 48 hrs of sending your audition, please email again.
Deadline for the PRE-AUDITIONS : May 15th 2011.

Those selected to come to the official auditions will be given a song to prepare at home for a group try-out at some point during the month of June.

The new group will begin practices in July 2011 for a 6 months trial period.

To pre-audition or if you have any question, please email me (Kathleen) at irulanne @ hotmail.com

You can also join the Facebook group here : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=gro ... 7613173376

An official website has yet to come.

Thank you !!!


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Post by Irulanne »

Hi !

Please note that the pre-audition deadline has been EXTENDED to May 31st.

We currently have two people interested in joining the group but I would like one or two additional singers.

Let me know if you have any question.

Thanks !


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