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wasabi tech

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:!: Hi, I just got some interesting news. MSN has just added a new section to their Tech & Gadgets place on their site called... "wasabi!" (http://technology.sympatico.msn.ca/Wasabi/). At the top, it says: "hot tech from Japan: wasabi". The header blurb states:

"Welcome to wasabi! Exclusively on Sympatico / MSN
Every week our correspondents in Japan tracks down the hottest gadgets on the Asian market - items that you simply can't buy here in Canada - and reviews them for us.
Better yet, each week, one lucky reader will win the gadget and be the envy of their friends and family.
So read on... and add some wasabi to your day!"

No idea if you can get Japan-region DVD players... or Japanese X-Boxes - to play various video games with cute shoujou anime girls. :twisted:

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