pizza at the shows

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pizza at the shows

Postby anifan » Mon Sep 25, 2006 8:45 pm

Last month, Terry brought some pizza, which was ordered by those who came early enough, then paid for. I'm not sure how this worked, because it was my impression that some people arrived later - unless they went to the corner store earlier for some pop, after ordering their pizza first? But we had already started too - which created some complications. I went ahead and ordered another pizza for Kim and myself, not knowing any of this. :x

Terry got his from Pizza Hut, I think. Greg sometimes got some from his apt building, but he's been pretty tasked already doing the JAWS video gig. Greg's pizza was OK, but Pizza Hut's wasn't too good (sorry Terry; I had a slice of Kim's). Pizza 73's is about the best; you have to order by 2s, but then pick up unless you have a large quantity. I could take a few pizzas, but not more - but does Terry want to drive to Pizza 73 nearby? Can we get a fixed start time, then see if we can get enough people early, so that we can do this? They only take 10-15 minutes to make the pizzas - enough time if you drive over that they'll be ready by the time you get there.

I will make efforts to get to JAWS early this Wed, I don't have Terry's e-mail, so maybe I can meet with him to discuss this then, this time around. I will be ordering pizzas for Kim and myself regardless, we both have trouble watching when we're sitting there starving. I have sometimes run late recently; but Kim (almost) always gets to the Box early before they close up, so that she can keep the gaming room open for JAWS, for early arrivals - I also usually set up if I get there, as Kim doesn't.

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