Astro Boy Movie and other Osamu Tezuka showing for April?

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Astro Boy Movie and other Osamu Tezuka showing for April?

Postby tigergirl » Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:24 pm

I had suggested to Ray, (via e-mail) that once I got the CGI Astro Boy on DVD, that we watch it and a few other Dr. Osamu Tezuka's anime. So when I talked to Ray at the March JAWS, he suggested that I post it up on this forum and now I am doing it. (This post was originally done on April 1st and moved from the Schedule section.)

I will be bringing a DVD player so that we can watch the DVDs; just so that if Ben doesn't come with his laptop, then we will still have one.

I do have a good collection of Dr. Osamu Tezuka's anime and here is what I have:

TV Shows:
    * Astro Boy 1980
    * Astro Boy 2003
    * Black Jack 21
    * Black Jack Special
    * Black Jack TV
    * Ribon no Kishi (aka Princess Knight - 1960s series - first episode only)

Movies & OVAs:
    * Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature
    * Black Jack - A Reminder
    * Black Jack - Clinical Chart 01 – 10
    * Black Jack - Dr. Pinoco's Adventure
    * Black Jack - The Movie CD 1 & CD 2
    * Black Jack - The Two Doctors of Darkness
    * Black Jack - 01 - 04 Special
    * Cleopatra -=English Subbed=-
    * Hi no Tori – 01 – 13 [aka Phoenix - I will be getting the legit subbed version just before April JAWS]
    * Mori no Densetsu
    * Osamu Tezuka - Broken Down Film
    * Osamu Tezuka – Jumping
    * Osamu Tezuka - Story Of A Street Corner
    * Osamu Tezuka Story: I am Son-Goku ["Raw Japanese" - however it is quite interesting, as it tells the story of how he got extremely interested in animation during his days as a kid + then segues into the Asian Monkey King tale. I can narrate this as it goes along.]
    * Osuma Tezuka-Male
    * Osuma Tezuka-Memory
    * Osuma Tezuka-Mermaid
DVDs (Commercial, Foreign Import & Bootleg):
    * Jungle Emperor Leo [1990s movie] [aka Kimba the White Lion in the 1960s]
    * Metropolis
    * Mitsume Ga Tooru
    * [Title Unknown] [Other than it looks like an Anniversary Special, with the various different characters he created (Greg and I had watched it and that's the only thing that we could think of. This is a bootleg, but I am waiting to see if Animage can get a legit one, as the English subtitles on mine are actually quite bad.)]
    * Phoenix [will be getting at end of April]

I am in the process of getting other movies and series, but so far no luck, except for affordability to my budget for legit stuff; and the fact that the early stuff like Astro Boy and Kimba are unavailable as subs but only as dubs. But I will keep on checking to find anything that is Dr. Osamu Tezuka. Greg has done some research on Princess Knight - i.e., it was released dubbed on VHS in Britain, and on bootleg DVDs in the US, and apparently on fansubs (as it's generally not on download sites, so on disc?). Crunchyroll has just done a legit subtitled version of Wonder Beat Scramble, released in Japan - hopefully I can get this as an import. There are special videos with his early works, one which is not made anymore - one store in Edmonton has a copy of this one I don't have - I will try to get it at the Comic Expo (they had it at Otafest Lite last November).


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