Anime Movies on Teletoom

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Anime Movies on Teletoom

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:D :shock: I didn't notice it until last Friday, but Teletoon is showing Anime Movies, Friday and Saturday night. Last Friday and Saturday they showed the movie :shock: Akira :shock: and this Friday and Saturday, they are Showing Appleseed. Also I am checking out Teletoon and so far for the month of January, Artimage III: Poly Matrix is showing on the 18th and 19th, and on January 25th and 26th is showing Artimage III: Dual Matrix.

As for Feb, nothing on the any kind of Anime movies in Feb, so it looks like January on Teletoon is going to be the just 4 Anime Movies. I hope that they will show some more.

Also I should tell you is that as I had seen it as they (Teletoon) is showing the dub version, as I got some glimpses of Akira that it was dubbed. So the others might be as well.

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