September showing - finishing off and odds & ends

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September showing - finishing off and odds & ends

Postby anifan » Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:08 pm

According to what I can figure out, we still have Witchblade and Deathnote to finish off for September.

Kim has dug up info about the dubbed Deathnote; unfortunately there seems to be a delay in YTV acquiring it - so she will not be able to bring any tapes (tho we WOULD then need a VCR!).

To kill any free(?) time, we could play some more AMVs for a change. :wink:

We also have Claymore to finish off - when and how? Unfortunately, it was NOT the whole season we were supposed to play at the party, Greg!! :evil: I'm not sure what happened with Genshiken - was Claymore supposed to be some kind of "tie-breaker" or something??

Then there is the matter of what to play later... say, after the October party. AWW... let's just have parties in November AND December!!!

I DO have a suggestion: BATTLE VIXENS!!! ("Ikki Tousen" in Japan; means: "strength of a thousand".) This now an anime!! But I'm afraid it's WAY too ecchi for JAWS! :twisted: Hey - this makes the manga look G-rated!!!!

More seriously, here are some suggestions:

:arrow: Hell Girl, season 2
:arrow: Karin, season 2

Both of these are interesting or humourous, and well-done. Also interesting:

:arrow: (Inukami series)
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What we have seen

Postby tigergirl » Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:06 pm

:!: :D This is what had been shown at JAWS:

Ah! My Goddess! Second Season 23 & 24: DONE
Shuffle! Memories 9 & 10: DONE
Jigoku Shojou 22 & 23: DONE
Karin 15 & 16: DONE
Death Note 10: NOT FINISHED
Witchblade 13 & 14: NOT FINISHED

I know that I am sure about Witchblade and Death Note. As I know that we had finished off, Ah! My Goddess, Karin, Jigoku Shojou (AKA Hell Girl) and Shuffle! Memories.

So we have two shows to finish off. Although Claymore would be the third one, and I forgot that Genshiken would be the fourth (and this has a second season as well + the OAV). (Jigoku Shojo Futakomori (Hell Girl: Season 2) is another one that should be played as well.)

But after that is up in the air, but I would like to suggest, that we see some Anime that was done Ozuma Tezuka, I got all that are available which is six clips, and all but one are about 5 minutes long, the one that is not 5 minutes is about 30 minutes long.

Maybe one of the fillers could be a classic, something from the 60's or early 70's. Like the Classic Astro Boy, but not Speed Racer, because it is more or less the same show each time. :D :!:

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