FREE - anime at the Plaza Theatre Wed. Sept. 19, 2007

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FREE - anime at the Plaza Theatre Wed. Sept. 19, 2007

Postby anifan » Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:16 am

Sorry this is kind of last minute, but I've been tied up and sick. The Japan Foundation, Toronto and the Consolate General of Japan in Calgary, are putting on some Japanese movies at the Plaza Theatre from September 18-20, for the annual 2007 Japan Film Festival. The animated movie The Glass Rabbit is on Wednesday the 19th. Admission is FREE (like JAWS).

I finally got some information off the Web by Googling "Gurasu no Usagi". Turns out these films have been making the rounds in Canada; and in Australia in late 2006. Here is some info on the Glass Rabbit (subtitled in English):

The Glass Rabbit (Garasu no Usagi) (PG)

Animation/84 mins (© 2005, Glass Rabbit Production Committee) Director: Setsuko Shibuichi

Toshiko, twelve years old, has been evacuated when her mother and sister are lost in
the Tokyo air raid and her house and her father’s glass factory are burnt down. She
visits the ruins of the fire with her father and finds a half-melted glass rabbit. Because
of the discovery, her father decides to reopen the factory in Niigata Prefecture, and they
go to the station. There they are machine-gunned and her father is killed. Toshiko is left in
the care of a relative in Sendai till their house is built but life in the country is hard and she
cannot go to school, so she runs back to Tokyo.

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