JAWS' annual Xmas bash

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very very last Xmas party post

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Well, all of you who tried ordering the (fake) sake candy from J-list, hoping to get drunk over the Xmas season, LOL.

About the Xmas party, I keep meaning to mention, I think the reason that we had so many people show up so early, was that we just said, show up at 6:00. Next year: we say "DOORS OPEN at 6:00 - anime at 7:00"!! I know, I know, I co-designed the poster... :oops: Hindsight is 20-20 vision.

Seriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE FROM THE XMAS PARTY, IN JANUARY?? I will discuss this under Schedule for the (passed) January showing.

I didn't quite get around as much as I wanted to right after Xmas - particularly to the downtown Safeway - but virtually NO chocolate Xmas character goodies - just maybe one TEENY one. And no white chocolate. I haven't been out much lately, but haven't seen too much Valentine's Day chocolate either. We will see about Easter. Have the world's cocoa crops been wiped out, or something? Beats me.

Final update on Fire Chicken pizza: Pizza 73 has now given it a name - apparently its proper, Portugese, one: Pollo El Fuego. Again, with 3 toppings instead of 2, it doesn't fall under the 2-for-1 special - but, considering I'm now skipping lunch already on JAWS film nights - I could share one with somebody instead, if they're equally curious... Any takers?

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