Spam on the forum

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Togashi Rogi
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Spam on the forum

Post by Togashi Rogi »

Ok, I've obviously been terribly lax regarding clearing out spam. I'll let Jason know as well, but I was forced to prune out basically all the posts from the General forum to clear out all the spam.

If you see any further spam showing up; please let me know so that I can clean it up. I'd like to keep the forum somewhat neat :).


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Spam on the General forum

Post by anifan »

I have noticed the spam on the General forum for several months - actually since just after the Xmas party. Don't know if that's related somehow (see below). At first I thought it might be from a couple of indiscreet "new members" posting their links... which is actually spam anyways. And I have been meaning to check them, to see just who and what - and if they were bona fide new members. But personal problems and computer access aside, I am using the computers at various libraries, and they frown on displaying risque material... and think that anime = porn. As it stands, recently, there have been a lot of new people joining (?), and some of the topic titles in particular have been pretty obvious of late. Again, I have meant to view - and pass on my comments; my own apologies :oops: . But it did begin to look like a whole load of junk :x . I took a look as recently as of last night. Anyhow, because of the amount of activity around the Xmas party, I think that attracted internet attention. Why spammers is a good guess, as is why only on the General forum. :?:

Software updates - and vigilance - aside, maybe we should require people to actually personally come out to JAWS meetings, to be able to register. Then they could be given a secret, individualized passcode then and there? A little draconian though... and it would keep legit members of other anime groups out. But regardless, I think we need to post a prominent "NO SPAM" heading at the top of the site index page. :!:

FURTHER: I, and others - have had issues with site construction, maintenance - and completion - for some time. The volunteer moderator position is a tad overdue. :o In fact, there is one other JAWS member, who is experienced in more basic website design, who has volunteered to take over. They can start as of tomorrow (the June showing) for volunteer moderating. But the site administrator has not been active, as has been obvious by the spam issue. :shock: What about the picture galleries, etc., etc.? :cry: These have been promised but no work has been done. How do we send images in? It would seem, that as the site administration has been sporadic and intemittent, that the volunteer mod could team up with the admin, work together and learn; and eventually take over the site. Being too busy and having enough time to work on the site tend to be mutually exclusive concepts. The last JAWS President was not a webmaster, but had his own site. HIS webmaster was kept busy doing his site - and the old JAWS website was very basic.

The website design is basically fine. However, there is a basic point as to completing the site FIRST - so that we can do a needed blitz in attracting new members. :roll: These are circular problems, as an improved site would help in attracting members... but the extra effort is needed. :? The setting up of the site is much appreciated. :D And attention to correcting fairly important but doable problems has usually been forthcoming... eventually. But there is no direct admin contact. I know; they'd be spammed. I can't contact Pellanor directly via his profile: public computers generally aren't set up to do this. This is one of the reasons why I'm posting this as a Reply to here as well as on the other spam posting on the site. Then Greg could e-mail Pellanor... to ensure that he pops onto the site.

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