Meeting schedule change for 2016, effective immediately

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Meeting schedule change for 2016, effective immediately

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Dear JAWS members,

We have now had to change JAWS' meeting schedule for various reasons. One is that it no longer seems that members will be able to attend during the Xmas holidays. As well, there is another Japanese pop-culture group, which has started meeting on the same day of the month as JAWS. They are looking for a meeting place, and are interested in where JAWS meets, at the Old Y. As well, there are frequently conflicts with the first, third, and last weekends of the month, with holidays and fan events. Finally, Sunday is out for two reasons, the last one which we have previously discussed: (1) Sunday afternoons are already booked by a long-running religious group at the Old Y; and (2) Students and those working during the week would have to leave quite early; this is on top of bus service being minimal on Sundays, including during the day.

We also previously discussed other things when doing bookings: Both on the same day of the week and same weekend every month, with as few exceptions as possible. Our meeting location previous to the Old Y, which proved to be temporary and interim, further had dates that were almost impossible to book consistently, and we could observe directly that this had hurt attendance then. The one option seems to be on the second Saturday of every month. Fortunately, even at this late time, I have been able to get these bookings. The varying Easter holiday date is something that nothing can be done about. We can have an early, non-conflicting, Xmas party. As to having money for food and to donate for JAWS' room rental fees, people will simply have to put some money prior at the end of the month, which was the previous time, albeit on a different day. This was on the last Wednesday of the month, which is the absolute worst time - because every group wants to do it - so of course that ended up hurting attendance, as time went on.

Finally, although JAWS had to meet on the third Saturday this January, this is not possible in February; although this would otherwise be best to help members transition. Instead, we have to change immediately. If we were to meet on the last Saturday that month as previously scheduled, then there would be only two weeks until the March meeting. This way, there will be three weeks between meetings, then four; then on fairly regular monthly cycles. I should add that it is necessary to do these booking for months at a time, for months in advance, besides for the consistency necessary for members to plan to attend. For these reasons, I am giving this advance notice.

Here are the dates (all on the second Saturday of every month):

February 13
March 12
April 9
May 14
June 11
July 9
August 13
September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10

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