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Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:30 pm
by Kuraki
I heard about JAWS through Con-version, so I thought I might check it out the last Wednesday of September. Are there any policies and whatnot I should read?

Hi there

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:19 pm
by tigergirl
Being the oldest, nearly continuous, member of JAWS, I know a lot about JAWS and that other than dressing nicely and being clean (although some people come directly from work...), and trying not to disturb the other members too much (e.g. as to not talking at quiet times during the anime), there isn't much of a policy. JAWS is sort of a somewhat informal group, people who like anime and who want to watch it. It operates independently from the groups at local colleges. The main thing is, since about 1983 (I joined around 1985 or so), it has always been a free club, based out of the Sentry Box store as it has moved around. And I would also encourage you to bring your own food; we have potlucks for parties at times like Halloween and Christmas - hopefully we will have people coming in cosplay (costume) this year. The current roster of anime was/is (we are alternating right now between animes, finishing some a bit at a time):

Kim's AMVs
Bottle Fairy (mini-episode): 4/July
Ryofuko-chan: 2 (2-part mini-episodes)
Asu No Yoichi: 6-7
Slayers: Evolution-R: 6
To Aru Majutsu no Index: 20
Rosario + Vampire: 1 (Season 2) (uncensored)

This is current as of July 2009, Greg-chan (the other Greg(-san) is the current President) will update the forum, for the August listings, either tomorrow or Wednesday.

BTW: I just thought as well, as to what you should read, at this moment I don't know, but I can get a list of recommended reading at this meet or the next one or on the forum. As to why I can't tell you, there is a coming influx of reading material as anime and manga is becoming more and more popular. As you might have seen, they are showing anime in theaters, the latest being Ponyo. Also you might have seen American remakes of anime (e.g., Speed Racer and Dragon Ball. :x :roll: ) As to what the next Americanized remake is going to be: "Astro Boy" is showing in theaters on Oct 23, and I have seen some preview clips on YouTube - and I got the comic book movie adaption of Astro Boy; and so far, it looks like they are, more or less, staying close to the anime. They have even put the original manga artist Osamu Tezuka in the movie (he put himself in his mangas in cameo appearances with his other "stars").

So that it is for now, I hope to see you at JAWS.

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:25 pm
by Kuraki
Well that was a damn good Wednesday night. I will definately see you all October. I'll try to bring some subs from work :D